Critical Thinking in Justice Filed

Critical thinking entails analyzing issues and events extensively with a view of reaching a logical conclusion on the cause of actions to be undertaken. The field of human justice entails an array of aspects that demands that individuals make critical decisions in order to realize effective and efficient service delivery besides improving the individuals’ welfare (Cogan, 1998, p. 309). In Canada, certain activities in the public sector are service objective related and are designed to ensure human justice. These industries include; the entertainment field, advertisement agencies and the media corporations. The three industries require that the public exercise critical thinking in the consumption of the output from the works.

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In any governance, there exist certain regulations that guide the behavior of individuals in the desired way. The main purpose of these regulations is to ensure harmony in the operations of the society besides allowing for the holistic development of the society. Central to the realization of the desired order of the society is independent and autonomous thinking. This refers to making independent decisions without the manipulation of various forces in the environment. (Cogan, 1998, p.200). like for the case a bove, one realizes that the act rape is unnormally. Autonomous thinking will advocate for critically analyzing various actions to ensure that they are in line with the stipulated regulations. Globally, various measures have been initiated to ensure that fairness is achieved in a number of actions besides correcting effectively those who act contrary to the laws. In Canada, one of the institutions that play a vital role in rehabilitation of persons is the court system. The operation of the court system has affected responsible actions amongst persons hence ensuring that all persons (Watson & Arp, 2011, p. 309) adhere to the stipulated norms of the society.

Social media used for investigation purposes


With various appropriate policies, effective decisions have been encouraged in the operation of media corporations in Canada. The media has the sole responsibility of informing the public on the current information and giving directions kin certain situations. However, in certain situations, the media corporations have given biased information to the public that have resulted into adverse consequences. Under these circumstances, logical examinations should be exercised. Before accepting the information conveyed, there is dire need for the facts to be tested if they are true. This can only be achieved through critical thinking that allows for objective decisions. In addition, the media houses should also manifest critical thinking in their operations. In most cases, the information dispatched to the public determines the cause of action that will be taken by individuals in the public domain. (Jackson & Newberry, 2012, p. 200) Consequences that can compromise the operation of the country should therefore eliminate through analyzing critically the possible impact. The media bill was passed by the Canadian parliament with a view of controlling the actions adopted by the media houses. The regulation has greatly affected the industry, as the corporations are required to critically examine their works before allowing public access. In the event of information that is not, ethically accepted, heavy penalties have been levied on corporations (Watson & Arp, 2011, p. 100).

Entertainment Industry


He entertainment sector impacts greatly socially on the users. A number of authorities to ensure the social control of the public have therefore adopted certain strategies. This is another sector that requires individuals to initially make solid decisions concerning the source of entertainment to adopt. The industry has a larger control of the perception of individuals that are exposed to various forms of entertainment. Most entertainment activities results into distortion of the ethical morals of individuals, this therefore requires certain regulations to govern the various forms of entertainment in the country (Watson & Arp, 2011, P. 87). In strive to govern the ethical standards of the society; various governments have governed the type of entertainments that are exposed to the public. In most cases, the under aged are usually prevented from access to certain entertainment places.

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