Affects Genetically Modified Organisms Produce on People

In the recent years, Genetically Modified organisms (GMOs) have in numerous ways affected the composition of our diets considering the fact that they have replaced our healthy and naturally produced food with genetically altered food. These alterations have had significant effects on human health and the society. As pointed out by Verma1, Nanda, Singh and Mishra (3), “the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination.” The result, a transgene, is integrated into the recipients to form the product with “improved qualities.” This makes the products susceptible to the potential of the effects of pleiotropical insertion (Dona and Arvanitoyannis 165). There are also high chances of affecting the animal’s or plant’s health due to the increased anti-nutrients included. Further, human health can be affected by the consumption of the viral DNA in the GMO plants. Dona and Arvanitoyannis (167) further observes that there are are chances of transferring antibiotic resistant genes to from the ingested food materials to the gastrointestinal tract bacteria as well as direct absorption of the genes in the GM product from the gut.



To facilitate the study and develop a proper solution to the problem, the research will sample 100 individuals from different sectors within the society. The students from different departments within the university will provide a perfect target population for the study. The departments include Humanities and Social Sciences, Agriculture, Food and nutrition and Genetic Engineering. These departments will be essential in providing much needed knowledge on the effects of GMOs on our lives. This population will also express its views on the importance of labelling GMOs.


As the patron of this study, I believe I am qualified with the right knowledge and skills to plan and execute this research project within a period of 4 weeks. The research will be financed through my personal savings and grants from my department. To enable efficiency in the study, I will seek the expertise of Margaret Hamburg, the executive chair for Food and Drug Administration at Rutgers University as a consultant to inform the main objective of the research.


The research on the effects of Genetically Modified Foods on human lives play an important role in supporting the suggestion that the labelling of GMO produced food would be important in informing the public of the content of food before they purchase or consume the food. In essence, the advocacy is for the provision of non-GMO shopping guides that would help shoppers seek foods with organic and “Non-GMO Verified” labels (Robinson 23). This would focus on the beliefs that exist in the environment such as the existence of external and objective realities that play a vital role in influencing the people’s social interpretations and behaviour towards food consumption. Labelling GMOs provides a perfect platform for food consumers to make choices on what is best for their lives.


My is plan to label all GMO foods so people are aware of it. This is because all transgenic products pose harmful health challenges to human consumers that require that individuals be informed of the products through labelling as an ethical way of ensuring that the consumption of such products is not accidental.

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