The Best Things in Life are Definitely Not Free

The best things in life probably are our relationships, desires, needs and our freedom. The access to these things is definitely the carrier of happiness in any human being. Needs are the necessities that are vital for survival such as good health, food, shelter, and clothing. The most essential and simple things available in our lives are in some way no longer accessible to everybody. Often, individuals take some of these things for granted; although some of them might not cost us any money, they definitely do come at a cost. In result, the word ‘free’ is definitely losing its edge in the world today. We don’t get anything anymore without personal sacrifice, toil, and hard work; and this is the main reason driving my opinion that the best things in life are definitely not free and it’s not a Menu Planning.


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs portrays that all human beings cannot survive with the deficiency of needs: friendship, happiness, esteem and all the physical needs. Further on, physical needs include things such as food, water, oxygen, shelter, health, and clothing. These needs are strongly vital and all human beings have a great desire to possess them. This strong human desire drives individuals to work for them through tears or sweat, time, and money. (Wahba, 225).

Success makes it possible to access the best in life; the best in travels, entertainment, health, other luxuries, and all our basic needs. With success, one feels fulfilled or accomplished, and therefore, this feeling is also accompanied by happiness. However, can these things be considered to be free? They are undoubtedly unattainable if determination and true effort are absent.

Success is certainly something everybody craves for. Success means one is fulfilled or accomplished. It definitely brings one access to every need or want considered a necessity in different individuals. If its friends or love: everybody loves a successful person, esteem is certainly there, and all the basic needs: he or she has the sufficient amount of financial assets to afford anything  at all. However, it is the hardest to toil for. For example, building up a business from the ground is very hard; this is the reason why most people prefer an already established business; to be a part of it as employees. Having considered many of the successful people, we have an understanding of the global situation today.  How many of them got there by luck or chance? These people toiled very hard to be able to hold that key known as success. Everything comes with a kind of a personal sacrifice. Even with the very simple things as friendship (Gough, 35).

Qualities such as discipline, love, determination, forgiveness, and patience are the self-sacrifice costs that every person has to have to be able to get anything in this world. The fact that these worldly yearnings are not readily accessible is also the fact which makes most of the people try to work hard to live a comfortable life; making role models for the younger generation. These needs and wants create effort, self-sacrifice and decent individuals (Bonabeau, 320).

The American proverb ‘The best things in life are free’ certainly contradicts reality. It would be a perfect unrealistic word if the best things enjoyed in life were all free. Generally, this essay tries to stress on the fact that self-sacrifice is important in this lifetime and taking things for granted only crashes the fact that they will turn out to be successful. It is wrong to say that the best things we in enjoy in life are free, however, the rewards they give are certainly beyond any cost or price.

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