How Would you Write Your Essay if You Were A Famous Writer?

While sitting at your desk and dreaming about your essay to write itself, you probably think of how it would be if you were a famous writer and it was seemingly easy for you to write anything you want. However, it only seems that it is easy to write. Even the most famous writers suffered a lot before they produced their masterpieces the way we know them today. Anyway, here are some examples of writing styles of the greatest of the world for you to make sure there is sometimes nothing to envy.

If You Were…

If you were Stephen King, you wold definitely write huge synonymic essays rich in turns and twists of speech. You would be also extremely prolific and, thus, always busy writing. You would definitely be able to scare your professors to death with the leap of imagination, suspense and the power of mystery. Sooner or later they would admit that you were a master of college horror and mystery. And, thank god, not a master of the college terror!

If you were Ernest Hemingway, you would probably be an inveterate paranoiac and a rowdy. You would spend much of your time knocking back booze, chatting with the literary contemporaries and arguing about the consequences of war for average working class and all the kind of existential stuff. You would write drunk and edit sober. Do you still think writing’s easy?

If you were Honore de Balzacyou would drink up to 50 cups of strong Turkish coffee every working day. If there was no way to make it, you would easily chew the coffee beans just like that. Thus, you would like women very much and spend half of your life chasing every skirt. What a hard fate!

If you were Mark Twain, you would hate children and like the cats very much. You would be an inveterate smoker and smoke up to 20-40 cigars every day. Besides, you would choose the most stinky and cheap cigars ever. In addition, you would be an excellent liar that would probably be of priceless use at college.

If you were Edgar Allan Poeyou would be scared to death of the darkness. The matter is that you would study at the cemetery because of the lack of any other education. Your school would be extremely poor and there would be no books and your maths tutor would conduct the classes on the cemetery for children to learn to count the duration of life on each monument. You would also drink much because of that later on in your life.

If you were Antoine De Saint-Exuperyyou would remain to be a child deep down in your soul for the rest of your life. You would survive 15 air crashes and invent some things for the aviation and get patented. Not bad, eh?

And finally if you were Somerset Maughamyou would travel the world, serve as an agent in the World War 1, make friends with Winston Churchill, H. G. Wells and practice bisexuality, by the way.

Though, a lot of these interesting facts have nothing to do with actual writing, they still comprise and influence their writing habits and styles. Don’t be in a hurry to envy the most talented authors as they suffered through a lot of problems to become who they wanted to be. You are welcome to get inspired by their record, but never make Writing Mistakes Even Skilled Authors Do!

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