How to Write an Extraordinary College Application Essay?

Many students hate this step of the college application process because of its ambiguous nature. There are no specific questions you can answer with simple “yes” or “no”. This is the assignment where you need to demonstrate your creativity and character. The admissions committee already knows all about your successes at studies and have copies of all of your diplomas and honors. Show them there’s so much more to you than just these achievements and make them know you better. Here are some tips on how to make your essay stand out and attract the attention of the admissions officers.

Think Carefully and Choose the Right Topic
You can often hear that you can write about almost anything you like. Although there are some areas you might not want to mention, it still gives you a great number of topics to choose from to make your essay memorable. You need to tell a good story that can describe your personality and demonstrate your authentic qualities. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t think of something appropriate right away. You can talk to someone who knows you very well (someone from your family, a teacher or friend) and discuss together all the ideas you have. This brainstorming can result in an outstanding essay written in an original and exciting way.

Use the Personal Tone
The first thing you need to understand before you start writing is that your application essay should be very different from the ones you’ve written for your classes. Its main topic is you and nothing else. Write about yourself as if you were talking to a friend. Use a simple “human” language to communicate your ideas. It’s the words you choose, the expressions you use, and the length of sentences you write what gives a reader a good idea of a type of person you really are. Show your personality and avoid long words you rarely use in your everyday life trying to impress the committee. Let your character and your unique story do that instead.

It’s NOT an Argumentative Essay
There’s no need for you to prove something to your committee. Forget about arguments and focus on your story. Let your experience and the way you communicate your ideas be the supporting evidence to the point you’re trying to make. They will have their own perception of you after reading your essay so don’t try to force them see something there isn’t. Only by evoking true emotions in them and showing what kind of person you are will you be able to impress the admissions officers.

Be a Great Fit to Their Community
Keep in mind the image of a student your college wants to have. Their task is to form a community of future professionals. Your essay shows how your attitudes, passions, and beliefs fit into that community. Prove that your personal qualities can inspire other people and you’re willing to become a part of this particular college. Be positive and emphasize your best features yet being objective.

Don’t Lie in Your Essay

For your story to be memorable it doesn’t have to be unreal and highly improbable. The admissions officers are not looking for some extraordinary events that happened in your past, but for the influence something had on you and resulted in your extraordinary character and uniqueness. Don’t write about some fake hobbies or dreams you have. If you still haven’t decided what you’re going to do in the future, there’s nothing wrong about that. It’s OK to be at a loss, especially when you’re at the beginning of your long way of life. The important thing is to write what you really mean.

Add Something “Extra”
When you’re finished with editing and proofreading and think that your essay is perfect, think of something else you can add to make it even more unique. You main task is to show your personality and make the committee remember you. Try to come up with something no one has ever done before and that can demonstrate your talent and authenticity. The only thing to keep in mind is that this something “extra” has to be appropriate and relevant to your topic.

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