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How Would you Write Your Essay if You Were A Famous Writer?

While sitting at your desk and dreaming about your essay to write itself, you probably think of how it would be if you were a famous writer and it was seemingly easy for you to write anything you want. However, it only seems that it is easy to write. Even the most famous writers suffered a lot before they produced their masterpieces the way we know them today. Anyway, here are some examples of writing styles of the greatest of the world for you to make sure there is sometimes nothing to envy.

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Writing Mistakes Even Skilled Authors Do

There is an idea that novel writing mistakes can all be corrected, except the one – failing to finish it on time. Anyway, there are many other typical mistakes which are common for any writer no matter how many novels he or she produced or how huge his or her experience and contribution already is. In this article we are going to discuss some of such errors in order for you to avoid making them in the future, or simply  fix them until it’s too late, and, of course, meet the happy new academic season. So, here they are.

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A Guide To Sucсeed At College

There are so many recipes of how to become successful at school, college or university, succeed in the workspace or somewhere else. However, none of them may be useful for you, for example. That is why people tend to search some unified pieces of advice on how to cope with this or that dilemma applied to any situation. So, if you are looking for the best tips on how to cope with the academic writing hardships at college, you are welcome to get some from the keen essayists that work for the online paper writing companies and are ready to share their experience with everybody who is in search of the food for thought.

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Academic Research From Scratch

Doing academic research is always not an easy task for both senior and junior students. Even keen researchers sometimes make mistakes and miss the deadlines. If you are given a task to do research on statistics, business, management, education, animal testing or any other subject, do not get despaired and better explore everything  in detail – research questions and everything that your tutor provides, there is always a hint there. Continue reading

How to Make Simple Report in Excel

Working with tables and words is the part of any modern educational process. Students should be able to work with computer programs to be able to get a good job in the future. So, if you are assigned to do a report in Excel this short algorithm will be useful for sure. Here are some online writing tips to cope with the simple report writing a bit faster, especially if you are not getting well with Microsoft Excel.

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When It’s Hard To Write

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.
–Mark Twain

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Presentation Skill Improvement

Many students are so much afraid of public speeches, meetings and presentations that are more likely to get an F than speak in front of an audience. Well, ironically, public speaking skill is known to be one of the most useful skills you can gain at school or in college. Improving your speech skills can make your way up to the stars and help you become a successful leader. Till its’ not too late, you are welcome to improve your presentation writing skills with the help of the friendly academic writing team. A bit of our friendly support will enable the students overcome the fears and make speaking in public less terrifying. Continue reading