Writing Mistakes Even Skilled Authors Do

There is an idea that novel writing mistakes can all be corrected, except the one – failing to finish it on time. Anyway, there are many other typical mistakes which are common for any writer no matter how many novels he or she produced or how huge his or her experience and contribution already is. In this article we are going to discuss some of such errors in order for you to avoid making them in the future, or simply  fix them until it’s too late, and, of course, meet the happy new academic season. So, here they are.

Writing and Editing Simultaneously

No matter how many novels you’ve written so far, you should follow the rule: writing today, editing tomorrow. Do not do everything at once. The rule exists in order to polish your activity. When you write, you’re focused on the writing process only; when you edit – you edit following the same principle. The matter is that if you try to edit while writing, you get distracted, lose time, and forget good ideas. If you have some doubts, simply write out the draft to the end and then edit it attentively. Oh, and it is not necessary to copy Ernest Hemingway’s approach to his creativity: writing drunk, editing sober.

Too Ideal Plot and Characters

Of course, every author wants his characters, scenes, and the whole plot to be ideal from the professional point of view. However, it might be boring and arid from the point of view of an ordinary reader. Always remember that your creative work is more likely to be evaluated by the people who cannot make head or tail of the writing. Since the art is aimed to imitate life, try to write as if you were writing about real life and for real people with real problems, who are far from being ideal.

Too Predictable Plot

Despite the fact that your reader is supposed to be not as smart as you, the author, a lot of people who are hot readers are rather clever and will notice the predictable or plain plot at once. In fact, readers hate that. There should be an element of suspense to keep the readers in tension and intrigue them to the full extent. Of course, you need to meet the readers’ expectations.

Stereotypical Heroes

No doubt, each literary genre has its cliches and stereotypes widely used by the beginners. However, do your best to avoid them if you can. If you are forced by the genre to use a cliché, it is better to give it a twist anyway.

Unlikable Heroes

The leading characters must be likable no matter if it’s a hero or an antihero. They by all means should be admirable even if it is a villain character. Otherwise, they will be treated as cartoons, without any seriousness.

You Write While Bored

If you are bored with what you do, your readers will be too! You should start and end enthusiastically. If seemingly perfect plot makes you asleep, simply put a twist in it. Bring an element of unpredictability. “When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand.” – Raymond Chandler.

You Write What You Do Not Read

It is truly beneficial to write what’s in demand and jump into the hot genres. However, it is not worth it in the majority of cases. When you write what you like to read, you truly put your soul into the work, you can show the deep knowledge and concern with the depicted stories, your heroes are original and the plot unique. All prolific writers are specialized in their special genre. So, it is better to be professional rather than stylish. Always remember this as one of your useful essay writing tips.

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