55 History Research Paper Topics to Make Your Life Easier

To learn the years and names of historical events and figures is not the most difficult point when it comes to passing a history class. Understanding the interconnection between those events and the logic behind the actions of famous personalities is even harder. The events that took place a long time ago tend to lose their significance. Especially if you are learning about the events that occurred in other countries or even continents.

From one point of view, it is useful to study history because then the young minds get to know more about the way history repeats itself. And from the other point of view, there is a slight chance that the students who are not interested in history at all are going to remember more than 20% of that material taught in class. Nonetheless, you will have to pass your class and write many papers. This list of history research topics can become a great source of inspiration. Choose the ones that you feel excited about to explore and start doing your research study.

1. Napoleon III and the Crimean War.

2. The development of principles of democracy in France.

3. Communism vs socialism in post-soviet countries.

4. Consequences of British colonialism.

5. Events that led to Italian unification.

6. The role of power in the Holy Roman Empire.

7. Taiwan under European Rule, 1624-1662

8. Impact of hippie culture on cultural development.

9. The mythology of ancient Sparta.

10. The phenomenon of propaganda: from ancient times till today.

11. Economic devastation after WWI.

12. Queens of ancient Egypt.

13. Soviet Policies in Iran.

14. German confederation: was it possible to prevent it?

15. Late Antique Athens and Alexandria.

16. The role of military innovations during WWII.

17. Battle of Kursk: exploring the strategies of both sides.

18. West German politics after the Holocaust.

19. Great Britain in WWI.

20. Angela Davis: the state of permanent opposition.

21. Ethical view on the Vietnam War.

22. Consequences of the Boston Tea Party.

23. Censorship in New Spain.

24. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand: was it inevitable?

25. Norwegian Response to the Cold War.

26. Turkish Nationalism in the 1930s.

27. US foreign policy at the beginning of the 20th century.

28. Franco-Prussian War: reasons and consequences.

29. The Social Democracy in Croatia.

30. Great Depression in Britain and its consequences.

31. Statehood in Medieval Russia.

32. Russian Revolution and the labor class.

33. Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

34. Education reforms in the 17th century.

35. US Civil War.

36. Dictatorship in Santiago de Chile.

37. Second-wave feminism.

38. Bosnian crisis.

39. Anti-imperialism in the US.

40. Australia’s aborigines.

41. The population theory in Ireland.

42. Finding Imperial British Identity.

43. Late Medieval plague medicine.

44. Fidel Castro and his influence on the development of Cuba.

45. Atomic bombings in Japan and the country’s further development.

46. Mining and construction as two leading factors of the growth of Australia.

47. Modern Bolivian political system.

48. The life of Russian emigrants in France in the 20th century.

49. The economic development of China in the 14th century.

50. European human rights project.

51. Famine-genocide in Ukraine.

52. The Great Schism and its propaganda.

53. America’s first civil rights movement.

54. The last tsar of the Russian Empire.

55. Famine used as a political strategical weapon.

Why Is It So Hard?

Every next step of the writing process seems harder than the previous one. First, you try to find a nice topic to discuss in the paper, then, you spend titanic efforts to make an outline and organize the information you have in a logical way. Writing a number of drafts is not very exciting as well. This assignment requires patience and meticulousness. If you lack time to focus on the topic you explore and dedicate your resources to making a masterpiece out of your paper, there is a way to make everything less stressful. You can count on the assistance of our experts. Their exceptional skills and profound experience will be the guiding light for all the lost souls. They can become your support at any stage of the process. No matter if you have already written the final passages or just starting to collect information. They can solve any research paper problem. Make your writing exquisite with the help of our gurus.

Why Is It Important?

The most intriguing part of history is that you can never predict what is going to happen next. What kind of a natural disaster or military operation is going to harm our planet? However, the fact that history repeats itself can’t be ignored. the more historical facts you know, the higher probability there is for you to predict the upcoming events. Unless we are talking about the “Black swan effect”. Still, there are scientists who state that they can predict even those kinds of events. Do not look at a history class from a single point of it being too boring. If you find the exciting part of the process, you will find the effective motivation to get to know more. Meanwhile, use the expertise of our essay writers and get closer to your dream diploma.


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