55 Psychology Research Paper Topics: No Limits to Creativity

There are so many things you can discuss in your psychology papers that it might be difficult to choose something specific. The problem is that there have been many scientific works dedicated to the most interesting ideas that it is hard to find a special non-trivial one. But don’t worry, the imagination and experience of our writers will not let you down. You will find the perfect psychology essay topics at Essaydoc.com.

As a source of inspiration, you can watch any movie and try to find a psychological conflict there. It will not be hard as there is always a conflict. Look at the main characters and try to decide what are their motivation. This is actually the first thing a good actor does when preparing for a role. You can then think if there is something interesting you can explore in a character’s personality. Studying should not be boring. Just look for alternative and more exciting sources. Some psychology research topics will require using particular sources of information, others can require you to rely on your personal experience. We’ve asked our experts to come up with interesting ideas in terms of making a psychological investigation to write a stellar paper. Here is the result of their hard work.

1. The nature of addictive behaviors.
2. Effects of adult attachment.
3. The cultural context of infant development.
4. The affect-memory correlation and its role.
5. Selective memory impact on psychological development.
6. The role of aggression in psychological development.
7. Possible reasons for violent behavior.
8. Alcoholism and drug addiction from a psychological point of view.
9. Eating disorders: how psychology may help.
10. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: how it affects everyday life.
11. Current status of preventive psychology.
12. The methods and effects of art psychotherapy.
13. The influence of virtual reality on the human psyche.
14. Artificial intelligence: possible psychological threats.
15. Why online popular psychological tests do not work.
16. The importance of dreams.
17. Sleep disorders and behavioral treatments.
18. Emotions and their biological basis.
19. Impact of social media on psychological health.
20. Fear of denial and its possible manifestations.
21. Memory: how brain deceives us.
22. Psychological weapons against bullying.
23. Reasons for burnout and methods of dealing with it.
24. Nature of obsessions.
25. Psychological grounds of envy.
26. Creativity as a tool of psychological development.
27. Not being able to make a decision: psychological background.
28. Depression and how to live with it.
29. Lack of motivation from a psychological point of view.
30. Effects of punishment.
31. The importance of emotions in early development.
32. Empathy as a key tool in psychology.
33. Suicidal behavior: psychological basis.
34. Main features of a good psychotherapist.
35. Ethics in psychology.
36. The usage of psychological principles in politics.
37. Psychology as the key to successful marketing campaigns.
38. Dynamics of group psychotherapy.
39. The feeling of guilt as a major obstacle.
40. Principles of behaviorism.
41. The psychological background of the decision process.
42. Unconscious repression and its role in the human psyche.
43. The concept of “good enough mother” by Donald Winnicott.
44. The role of interpersonal communication.
45. Psychosomatic consequences of human behavior.
46. Language as a distinctive feature of the human psyche.
47. Responsibility in client-oriented therapy.
48. How does our memory work?
49. Normal and abnormal fear.
50. Origins of phobias.
51. Posttraumatic stress disorder: reasons and methods.
52. Procrastination from a psychological point of view.
53. Humor and its role from a psychological point of view.
54. Recent findings on autism.
55. Happiness and what it means in psychology.

Different Schools, Different Terminology
It is worth mentioning that terminology plays a crucial role in understanding the core ideas of a message in psychology (it is something psychology and philosophy have in common). Before you start looking for good social psychology research topics, make sure you use the right terminology. For instance, the terms used in gestalt psychotherapy and Freudian psychoanalysis are similar but often have different definitions. To avoid possible misunderstandings, make sure you know what you are talking about in your paper.

One more thing you should not forget about is the scope of work. Some research paper topics for psychology may require you to conduct experiments or supervisions. To get the result you need, you have to make sure there is enough time for you to cope with all of the stages of the process. Think about the way of minimizing your efforts and maximizing the final results. Choose something that interests you and may help you learn new material. You are not just writing something because your teacher told you so. You are also using the chance to know your psychological processes better. This is a useful class that will help you look at the ordinary things from a new perspective. Our company will be glad to assist if you encounter any difficulties.

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