Top 75 Narrative Essay Topics that Are Not Boring

If you sit and stare at a blank page, the chances are you have difficulties finding good topics for a narrative essay. No one can deny the fact that it is not easy to come up with a subject for discussion. Especially, if you want a reader to get excited about the topic. Some students think that the more original the topic is the better. It is true in some way. Choose a non-trivial topic and the probability of ending up with a stellar essay will grow.

However, using the right writing techniques can help you turn even a boring topic into something interesting. The way you tell a story is sometimes more important than the story itself. Even a boring subject can seem appealing if you choose the right words and structure. Organize the information you have in a way that a reader will appreciate. The easier it is to follow your train of thought the better. Let’s increase your chances of scoring high on your essay. Here is the list of 75 good narrative topics that will inspire you.

narrative essay topics

Good Topics for a Narrative Essay

1. The time when my friend let me down.
2. The most embarrassing moment of my life.
3. The time when I realized I had to be careful with my wishes and desires.
4. My experience of being rejected by others.
5. My story of overcoming a fear.
6. The event that helped me grow up and take responsibility for my actions.
7. The best life lesson I’ve received.
8. A teacher that became my role model.
9. The worst friendship breakup I’ve experienced.
10. The most difficult decision I had to make.
11. An ethical dilemma I had to face and the way I solved it.
12. The movie that made me reconsider my life values and views.
13. The book that made me laugh/cry very hard.
14. The way I meditate to calm down and recharge my batteries.
15. The talent I have that makes my life easier.
16. My first trip abroad.
17. My experience of living by myself.
18. My experience of moving out of my parents’ house.
19. The best place to have a vacation according to my personal experience.
20. The first day I spent in college.
21. The epic party I attended.
22. What depression means to me and my experience of having it.
23. What would it feel like if I was born in another country?
24. What would I do and feel if I had an endless amount of money?
25. The day I felt so miserable I wanted to disappear.
26. The day I felt so happy I could jump over the Sun.
27. The day I had my dream crushed/come true.
28. One of the goals I’ve reached and can be proud of.
29. The time I had to change my impression of a person.
30. The time I had to take a huge risk.
31. The day I felt like a real hero.
32. The day I felt really lonely.
33. How I spent one day without the internet.
34. The show I would like to take part in/took part in.
35. The deepest and most honest conversation of my life.
36. One of my true passions.
37. My first cooking experience.
38. The first time I baked a cake for someone’s birthday.
39. The time I spent waiting in a line.
40. My experience using the social media.
41. The most valuable piece of advice I got.
42. How I learned to fit in.
43. The places in my city that I love the most.
44. The time I attended a wedding/a baby shower.
45. The brightest memory of my grandparents I have.
46. My worst driving class.
47. The date I will never forget.
48. The time I had to go to a funeral.
49. One of the strangest encounters in my life.
50. What growing up in my city felt like.
51. The best/worst job interview I had.
52. The feeling of having the first flight experience.
53. The lies/secret that ruined someone’s life.
54. Surviving a natural disaster.
55. What would I risk my life for?
56. My experience of being a leader.
57. The experience of attending a sports event.
58. The most inspiring speech I heard.
59. What I learned from my younger siblings.
60. The best road trip I had.
61. The time I stole something from a store.
62. The best present I’ve made with my hands.
63. The day I bought a pet.
64. The time when someone saved my life/I saved someone’s life.
65. The first time I visited a zoo.
66. The first time I saw an option.
67. The first time I fell in love.
68. The most boring movie I’ve ever seen.
69. The place I feel peaceful in.
70. The time I felt disappointed and angry.
71. The best family dinner I’ve had.
72. The time I cheated.
73. My best meal yet.
74. The best concert I’ve visited.
75. What I would like to change about myself and why.

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Top 75 Narrative Essay Topics that Are Not Boring

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