Colorblindness: Red-Green Colorblindness

Colorblindness is the total inability or reduced capacity to distinguish between different colors under average lighting conditions. The term colorblindness refers to impairment of color vision but not actual blindness. Colorblindness is highly sex-linked and affects the larger percentage of males than females in a typical population. This is because the genes that generate photopigments are found on the X chromosome; the absence or damaged genes will therefore result to colorblindness in males in a higher proportion since males only have one X chromosome. The cause of this condition is via development of a single or multiple arrays of retinal cones that identifies color in light and relays the information to the optic nerve system. Scientist have also discovered that colorblindness can be chemical or physical damage of optic nerve. Nearly 8% of the male population and 4.5% of UK’s population are colorblind (Franzco, Tong, Zhang, & Ee-Ling, 2008). The Red-Green colorblind is highly dominant hence posing the question of what complementary variation of red and green colors are colorblind people, able to differentiate. Continue reading

Analysis of the Short Story Astronomer’s Wife

The short story Astronomer’s Wife by Kay Boyle, begins with Mrs. Ames or Katherine Ames, the astronomer’s wife daily routine. She lays down her mat and does yoga before drinking coffee and setting out for the day’s activities. Her husband Mr. Ames, the astronomer, is still in bed tossing and turning or just pretending to sleep. Mr. Ames is distant from his wife and rarely speaks to her about anything. He just lives in his own astronomy world and dreams of only the things above “…at times he lay still for hours, at others he sat upon the roof behind his telescope, or wandered down the pathway to the road and out across the mountains (Boyle 28).” On this fateful morning, a plumber arrives at Mrs. Ames home to fix a spill. As usual, Mr. Ames is disinterested and continues sleeping. Mrs. Ames who is starved for attention gets acquitted with the plumber. The plumber quickly notices her beauty and youth and also realizes that she is starved for attention and care “the plumber himself looked up and saw Mrs. Ames with her voice hushed, speaking to him. She was a youngish woman, but she had forgotten. The mystery and silence of her husband’s mind lay like a chiding finger on her lips” (Boyle 28). Continue reading

APA Style Paper Sample: Virtual Pregnancy Project


Teenage pregnancy has emerged as a much higher trend across the world with many women becoming pregnant at their teenage ages. This has been attributed to several factors such as most teenage boys and girls that engage into their first sexual experience end up becoming pregnant since they rarely understand contraceptives. Most of them also engage in more than one sexual partner meaning that acquiring pregnancy is possible at this age. There are risks involved in becoming pregnant at the teenage age just as there area in becoming pregnant at the age of forty and above. This paper will explore of teenage pregnancy as well as all the related stages in development considering that the woman is supposed to be in school learning like the others. It will discuss on difficulties experienced throughout the life development of the child before birth and after birth as well as programs involved in the pregnancy periods. Continue reading